Glimpses of Fluxus (selection of performative projects)

Home delivery (2020)

Home Delivery began as a portion of my contribution to Jardinage Urbain, a collective project undertaken with artists Susan Gold and Kewy Janisse. It was installed in the windows of one ten park studio in early March 2020.

My efforts initially focused on the growth of native plants in the exhibit space for distribution during the closing reception, the concept being to encourage thought and conversation about our relationship with our natural surroundings.

However, due to the emergence of the Covid pandemic, our studio at one ten park was temporarily closed to the public and the reception canceled. The plants were therefore moved to a make-shift ‘greenhouse’ in my home. With the availability of extra space, the project was expanded to include a larger number and a wider diversity of seedlings. In terms of the performative component of the project, it evolved into a safe, socially distanced dispersal of plants, delivered to the residences of people who were interested in including the native plants and vegetable seedlings into their natural environment.

The Jardinage Urbain project itself was further developed over the course of the next 18 months, working solitarily, in solidarity with Susan Gold and Kewy Janisse.


Mayworks : Nous sommes, Nous serons, Artcite artist-run-centre (2019)

As a part of Maryworks Windsor 2019, a bilingual Artist Trading Card (ATC) ‘create and trade’ event was hosted by Artcite artist-run-centre. The event was undertaken in collaboration with the Centre Communautaire Francophone Windsor, Essex, Kent (CCFWEK).

The theme of the event was Mayworks: Nous sommes Nous serons. Mayworks is a global movement dedicated to social justice, inclusiveness and equity for minorities and workers, first brought to Windsor by Artist Susan Gold in 2009. The underlying goal of the ATC/ÉCA was to promote the visibility of the culturally diverse francophone community in Windsor, Ontario, a designated city under the French Language Services Act.


ATC/ÉCA Celebrating Community, University of Windsor School of Creative Arts (2018)

Celebrating Community was a bilingual Artist Trading Card (ATC) event. A fluxus box containing miniature photos, texts and assorted art media was presented to participants to assist them in the creation of trading cards for their exchanges. The event was undertaken in cooperation with one ten park: a working space.


Culture Days: Re-creating Windsor 12, Capital Theater (2012)

Re-creating Windsor was an interactive family-oriented arts event during which visitors were given the opportunity to “re-create” the City of Windsor. Art materials and miniature photographs of Windsor’s neighborhoods were made available for people to express their thoughts and visions through drawings, painting and/or collage on shared wooden panels.


Mayworks Windsor-Château des Photos: A community pARTnership, Château Park long term care (2010)

Château des photos: a community pARTnership was a socially engaged collaboration with Château Park Long Term Care, Mayworks Windsor and area artists Sandi Wheaton and Lyndsay Hanaka. The concept was to promote inclusiveness, accessibility and equitable treatment by removing barriers to community involvement that many long term care residents struggle with due to mobility issues. By hosting some of the activities of the Mayworks celebration at Château Park, many residents were able to more fully participate in the community celebration. Residents participated in the creation of artists trading cards, which were then shown alongside the fine art photographs during the festive exhibition opening.

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