In Search of the Jesuit Pear Tree

In Search of the Jesuit Pear Tree is a project that was motivated by my interest in the development of communities. Using the principles of the Healthy Community movement, I explored Old Sandwich Town and a few neighboring communities in southwestern Ontario, paying close attention to the area’s historical, natural, built and socio-cultural environment.

Among the principles in Healthy Community

Rome Old Sandwich II, mixed media, 24×32”, 2012. The Underground Railroad: Road to Freedom, mixed media, 21”x32”, 2013. Cultural Mapping, mixed media, 31”x21”, 2012.
Old Sandwich Town Reconstructed, mixed media, 36”x36”, 2012. Duff-Baby House Visitors, mixed media, 31”x21”, 2012. Old Sandwich Town: Recreated, mixed media, 40×40”, 2012.
Historique, mixed media on canvas, 12”x12”, 2012. Everchanging Landscape, acrylic on paper, 24”x33”, 2012. Demographics, acrylic on paper, 23”x 32”, 2010.
Dormer, Duff-Baby House, acrylic on paper, 32”x22”, 2011. Parallels, acrylic on paper, 32”x22”, 2011. Mysteries of Le Détroit, acrylic on paper, 32”x21”, 2010.
Rome Old Sandwich, mixed media, 22”x31”, 2012. Restoration DBH, acrylic on canvas, 12”x12”, 2012. Old Wall at the Old Stable, mixed media on paper, 33”x24”, 2012.
Old Stable at the Old Fire Hall, mixed media on paper, 24”x33”, 2011. If Walls Could Talk, mixed media, 32”x22”, 2011. 18th century Ribbon Farms, mixed media, 24”x32”, 2012.

Photo credit: Sasha Opeiko